Innovative Facilitation, Diverse Expertise and Experience: Exceptional Standards.

L&M Consulting Ltd is an innovative and confidently evolving company inspired by the combined energy and values, but very contrasting experiences and expertise, of its two Directors.

Caroline Marlow, PhD, AFBPsS., C.Psychol., (HCPC Registered), is a Performance and Wellbeing Psychologist and Director of L&M Consulting Ltd.

Through 20 years combined as an academic and consultant  sport and performance psychologist, Caroline has had the privilege of researching, teaching and practicing how to address the key and very real-world issues that affect performance. Early research of a reigning, but stagnating, World Championship squad, taught Caroline the wide-ranging policy, social and environmental factors within an organisation that can prevent the behavioural changes required for optimal performance, and the need to listen to and work with individuals to remove or overcome the real and perceived barriers. Further, she has witnessed the importance of nurturing individual wellbeing if optimal engagement and performance is to be achieved. Consequently, throughout her career she has been driven to find holistic and creative ways to promote effective organisational change and to nurture individual excellence. Her work with Olympians, national and professional sports squads and performers, and her study, training, and teaching of numerous traditional and modern psychological approaches, has taught her the importance of, and enabled her to find a way, of putting the client(s) at the very centre of the change and development process. Her belief is in the power of self-awareness, empowerment, creativity and effective communication; her approach is unassuming, flexible and effective.

Chartered PsychologistKnown as an inspiring presenter, trainer and consultant, who thinks beyond the norm, Caroline has been an external advisor for doctoral students, an invited book contributor, and is a British Psychological Society Associate Fellow, Chartered Sport & Exercise Psychologist, and Organisational Psychology Division member; she is also registered by the Health Care Professions Council. With the development of L&M, Caroline now focuses exclusively on bringing her approach to clients within business and sport; she relishes helping individuals and organisations gain clarity in their situation, and in facilitating their greater wellbeing, performance and personal fulfilment.

Paul Logan, PgDip, GCGI, FdA., is a Performance Development Consultant and Director of L&M Consulting Ltd.

Paul has proven Leadership, Management and Organisational skills gained through 23 years of leading, preparing and training teams within Government Services. This experience was gained whilst primarily operating under extreme pressure in some of the world's most inhospitable and highly pressurised environments, and whilst working to time critical timelines.   As a result of this first-hand experience, Paul has a deep understanding of the importance of a positive ethos and culture, the benefits of positive wellbeing, good communication and planning, and there role in sustainable optimal team and individual performance. 

Paul is experienced in working with leadership and fostering collaboration between cross-functional units in business continuity and incident/crisis management roles, and has personally briefed senior executives and politicians on tactical and strategic issues in order to assist in the implementation of UK Government Policy. Paul regularly produced comprehensive written reports read widely across Government Services and Other Government Departments and liaised with these departments. 

Paul recognises the significance of 'softer' skills, such as effective communication and listening for performance and leadership development, and the need for shared values, goals and beliefs in building motivated and cohesive teams. This appreciation has enabled Paul to successfully teach, coach and mentor organisations, teams and individuals of different backgrounds and capabilities around the globe, providing salient personal and life changing guidance.

In addition to his many years of practical leadership and management experience, Paul has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management, during which he attained invaluable knowledge which has further broadened his understanding of how people and organisations operate and react when faced with high pressure situations.  Paul also has a GCGI Graduateship in Leadership & Management and HR Management, as well as a foundation degree in Security Management and Consultancy.

Experience has taught Paul that there is a positive link between ethos and culture, positive wellbeing and sustainable optimal performance.

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