Positive Psychological Wellbeing for Optimal Performance: The Cost-Effective Approach.

The need for every organisation to constantly adapt is essential for sustained, optimal performance and success in today’s highly-pressurised, competitive world. To meet these challenges, an organisation needs to prioritise a positive psychological wellbeing culture if it is to harness the required creativity and productive energies of its members.

Recent research into the sucess of corporate wellbeing projects suggests three key elements of best practice (What Works Wellbeing, 2016).

  1. Wellbeing should be integrated throughout an organisation's strategy and operational systems. Such integration was shown to be far more cost-efective than engaging 'bolt-on services'; a finding forwarded as particular justification for SMEs’ engagement in strategic wellbeing change.
  2. Managers throughout an organisation need to be fully involved in wellbeing implementation; i.e., support is important, but not sufficient.
  3. Staff should participate in the what and how of implementation.

L&M's support is specifically tailored to facilitate an organisation’s progression through these key stages of organisational development. Seeking to complement the organisation's expertise, L&M works with the leaders, teams and individuals throughout an organisation’s structure to explore the issues that both prevent and promote positive psychological wellbeing and thus optimal performance, and to optimise the creativity and effectiveness of their own solutions.

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