High Level Expertise: Down to Earth Application

L&M are priviledged to be able to draw upon the high level expertise and skills of our trusted Associates.  All of our Associates understand, value and are guided by our commitment to promoting optimal performance through wellbeing, and adhere to our high standards, ethos and ethics. We are able to draw upon a wealth of Associate expertise depending on task requirement, including: 

Andrew Canning, OBE, FRGS. Associate Consultant: Executive Coaching

Andy has considerable experience of operations, defence diplomacy, international crisis and contingency planning, training delivery, sharp-end humanitarian aid delivery, and international collaboration particularly in West and Southern Africa, and the Middle East.

As the Defence Attaché in Norway, working in the British Embassy for the Foreign Office from 2005-2008, he was elected as the leader of the Foreign Attaché Corps in Oslo, representing all nations present in-country, including Russia and China, to the Norwegian Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Diplomatic and communication skills have been at the forefront of his exploits to date. As a result of this first-hand experience, Andy has a deep understanding of the need for good communication and planning, as well as the mental aptitude, physical strength and skill required to mitigate situational and outside pressures.

Andy has an empathic grasp of the importance of ethos and its role when developing a sustainable optimal performance culture within teams and with individuals. He also understands the importance of the ‘softer skills’; this appreciation has allowed Andy to successfully lead, teach, coach and mentor teams and individuals of different backgrounds and capabilities.

During his military career, Andy was charged with responsibility for the training of Army Officers (at Sandhurst) and Royal Marines Officers at the Commando Training Centre, Lympstone, in Devon. Key to young officer training was their ability to understand and develop soft skills, clear communication, and delegation of tasks, problem solving, planning and delivering a plan to an audience. 

Following a 33 year career as a Royal Marines Officer, with worldwide operations in some of the most inhospitable and dangerous places, Andy has many skills that readily transfer to the commercial world. Andy, as a civilian became the Regional Manager for Southern Afghanistan (2010-2014) working for a British civilian company delivering a specialist training and mentoring programme for the Afghan Police and Army of all seniorities.

Andy was awarded the OBE in 2001 for his contribution to development of nations in sub-Saharan Africa. He is a Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society, and has cycled across Australia (from Perth to Sydney) twice for charity, firstly in 1982 but most recently in 2012. In his spare time, Andy continues to support Royal Marines by mentoring newly joined Royal Marines Officers, during their training.

Bernadette Dancy, PhD, MSc, BSc, Level 3 REPs Practitioner. Associate Consultant:  Health and Exercise Coach Consultant

Bernadette is a Health and Exercise Coach Consultant who specialises in helping people improve their health using lifestyle changes. With over 15 years' experience as a university lecturer in Health and Exercise Science, a PhD in Sport Psychology, a Master's degree in Preventive Cardiology and professional qualifications in Personal Training and Exercise Referral, Bernadette is uniquely equipped to help people make changes in both body and mind that are long lasting. Bernadette achieves this by capitalising on her experience in higher education, the NHS, and her ability to understand and translate research into practice. Whether working one-to-one with clients or in a workshop setting, Bernadette's approach is underpinned by peer reviewed research as well as theories in health and exercise psychology.  The majority of the Bernadette’ s work, is in one-to-one consultations with busy, stressed, working professionals who recognise that some improvements to their health will improve their family and professional life. She also has qualification and expertise in providing exercise support to those with physical and mental health conditions. Her experience as a lecturer also however, lends itself well to delivery of workshops. Using this medium, Bernadette enjoys facilitating change using social support and accountability often offered by peers and colleagues.

Bernadette's philosophy is to empower, educate and encourage people towards improved physical and mental health using small significant changes that won't overwhelm, but lead them to a better way of living. 

Rob McIntyre. Associate Consultant: Team Development Specialist

Rob has proven leadership and management skills gained through his active involvement in personal development and outdoor adventure for over 30 years. This includes 23 years’ service in Britain’s Elite Royal Marines Commandos, where he completed his career as a Warrant Officer.  Since leaving the military, Rob has successfully transitioned into the commercial world and has worked at management level utilising his experience in leadership, management and personal development within these roles.

As a leader and organiser, he has extensive experience in planning and leading adventurous expeditions in diverse environments.  In 2006, he was deputy leader to a successful, unsupported trek to the Magnetic North Pole. He wrote the physical training programme and development programme for both this and a subsequent South Pole return ski journey made by four Royal Marines.  A specialist instructor in personal development, he planned and executed team building and development camps to several high profile sports teams. This includes the England Rugby Union Squad prior to 2007 Rugby World Cup and the Great Britain Rugby League Team in preparation for the Tri Nations in 2005. In addition to preparing these teams, the coaching staff where able to select future leaders for these teams based on these training camps.

These rich experiences have enabled Rob to prioritise the key elements of individual and team success. He has a deep understanding of the importance of ethos and its role when developing a sustainable, optimal performance culture within teams and individuals. He also prioritises the importance of the ‘softer skills’; an appreciation that has allowed Rob to successfully lead, teach, coach and mentor teams and individuals of different backgrounds and capabilities. Further, Rob understands the importance of listening to and exploring team and individual issues and needs before and during the development process, and using these to facilitate teams to gain optimal, sustainable performance. He also holds additional coaching and mentoring qualifications including an NLP practitioner’s course, which he has used to great effect in his mentoring.

Compassionate and understanding, he has the ability to get the best out of people and can motivate them to achieve things they never thought possible. He has a passion for developing people and getting them to where they want to be, both physically and mentally. Of note, in 1997, Rob undertook the Defence Remedial Instructor course to specialise as a Remedial Therapy Instructor at Headley Court. Here he worked to rehabilitate severely injured soldiers and Royal Marines, helping them to adapt and develop to their new physical and psychological challenges.

Rob believes that if you put your mind to it, almost anything is possible; “Some people just need a little confidence, direction and support”. 


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