Client-Tailored Support Programmes.

At L&M we respect that each organisation, team or individual is unique, with its own perception of the situation, needs and potential for solution. To meet these, a variety of high-quality support mechanisms can be implemented to provide a truly individually-tailored programme. This, combined with L&M's expertise in how best to promote behavioural change, maximises the attainment of optimal results.  

Assessment and Auditing: The design, implementation, analysis and presentation of qualitative and/or quantitative research is essential for providing clarity of performance and wellbeing-related issues. Such a detailed approach is essential for ensuring appropriate change and progress, and thus effective support.

Organisation Strategy Facilitation: This support facilitates senior management in the full consideration, development and implementation of the strategic, operational and day-to-day practice required for cultural change. Such an holistic approach best enables the attainment of positive psychological wellbeing and engagement for all members of an organisation, and consequently sustainable, optimal performance.

Performance Mentoring: Performance mentoring assists individuals in attaining their ultimate performance level.  Not every individual has instinctive ability, whether this is in a Leader/Manager position or a team role, however such skills can be developed through one-to-one mentoring and training. L&M offer both Face-to-Face and Remote Mentoring Services. 

Remote Mentoring: At L&M we understand that privacy, time and travel demands can be restrictive on many individual’s professional and personal lives. Our remote mentoring service allows individuals to continue their mentoring wherever they are, be it working away, competing abroad, or at a preferred, more confidential or stimulating environment. Further, it provides greater flexibility in when support is provided and in session length. For example, sometimes five minutes of support before a meeting, presentation or competition is much appreciated.

Workshops: Bespoke workshops consisting of a mixture of group exercises, interactive presentations, and one to one discussion.

Interactive Presentations: Interactive presentations provide a stimulating introduction to a particular topic in-line with specific client needs. The interactive nature promotes engagement, whilst ensuring that individual attendees have the opportunity to forward their perspective and to find personally-relevant solutions.

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