Living With Others? How to Look After Everyone’s Mental Health During Covid-19 ‘Stay At Home’.

Written by Dr Caroline Marlow, a Chartered Psychologist and Director of L&M Consulting Ltd.

We often consider psychological wellbeing and resilience from a personal perspective, but in fact, both are greatly influenced by our experiences with, and of, others.

This ‘how to’ article gives ideas of how to promote your own mental health and that of your family, partner and house mates whilst living together during the Covid-19 stay at home period. It outlines the good day-to-day organisation and practice that; reduces stress-inducing daily hassles, helps maintain your reserves, and builds resilience for now and the future. Based on family resilience and functioning research, and also L&M’s experience of living and working with other’s in the world’s harshest environments, it’s principles are also applicable to building resilience in the work environment.

If you have children at home:

It will probably seem strange to give proactive thought to how you live with people. But everyone experiences daily hassles at home, it is just easier to avoid or gain distraction from them in normal life. I hope this article helps you to find your own way of living together well and to maintain the resources you need for any challenges ahead.

This article was published as a blog by the Football Medicine and Performance Association (April 2019).
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