L&M are proud to sponsor and support …

Team GB Bobsleigh – Bob Team Baird: Technical Sponsor
We are proud to provide technical sponsorship of performance and wellbeing psychology support to Bob Team Baird to help them make it to, and compete at, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

These talented athletes, led by HM Royal Marine, Adam Baird, are determined to be competitive against the best in the world, and it is our role to make sure that they can perform optimally whatever challenges come their way.

For further information of: our support aims, how we are supporting Bob Team Baird, and the psychology of this thrilling sport, please click here .

The Football Medicine and Performance Association (FMPA): Wellbeing Support
We were delighted to be approached by the FMPA to provide wellbeing support to their members, i.e., those providing medical and scientific support to British football teams. British football is one of the world’s most demanding sport environments and our psychological wellbeing education aims to help FMPA members cope and thrive through the challenges they face every day.

The Law Society: Wellbeing & Performance Blogs
L&M write blogs for the Law Society with the aim of helping firms implement good organisational practice that best promotes their staffs’ psychological wellbeing and performance.

The WayfinderWoman Trust: Wellbeing Blogs
WayfinderWoman is a local charity, run by women, for women. They help women who are feeling anxious and uncertain about themselves or their future by building the self confidence and skills required to challenge any barriers that they face in finding a better life. L&M are delighted to make a small contribution by writing psychological wellbeing-related blogs.