World-class performance looks effortless or superhuman, but if you are to achieve your best as an athlete you need to execute the required skills to an optimal level. This requires the attainment of minimal thought-interference and physical exertion, the notion of ‘easy speed’, regardless of the technicality or the physicality of the sport, and the personal and situational pressure that might exist. This state of ‘relaxed concentration’ leaves the sports person with the perceptual ability and processing space required to be aware of new and potentially unexpected information, e.g., the spin on the ball, the presence of an opponent, or a call from a team-mate, and to make correspondingly quick, correct decisions. Further, it ensures that neither physical nor mental energies are unnecessarily wasted, allowing freer and faster movement or greater endurance.

Progression and maintenance of optimal performance also requires consistency, being as good as you can be, day in, day out, in both training and competition. This requires strong motivation, an excellent goal-setting strategy, and the resilience to persevere and bounce back after disappointment.

Regardless of your sporting level or aims, whether you are seeking to maximise your sporting ability, or to address a specific issue, L&M’s Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologists will aim to gain an understanding of your needs and then help to develop personally appropriate strategies and routines. This might be to:

  • Develop a winning mind-set with a strong self-belief and unshakeable confidence.
  • Reduce thought-interference, particularly of negative or distracting thoughts, and to develop appropriate focus strategies.
  • Understand and control arousal levels – Reducing nerves, becoming relaxed or invigorated.
  • Develop effective motivational strategies and goals.
  • Re-discover your sporting passion and enjoyment.
  • Develop effective team and leadership skills, including communication and support.

Developing the Complete Sports Person
Today’s successful and aspiring sports person needs to cope with a myriad of demands from both within, and external to, their sporting world. The varied experiences of L&M’s consultants enable the provision of a broad range of support, but might include:

  • Developing proactive, independent sports people, who reflect on and learn from their experiences, and take responsibility and ownership of their performance.
  • Developing the life skills and support network that enable athletes to negotiate and present themselves in a manner that meets the teams, sponsors and world’s expectations.

L&M’s support is flexible to your needs. Some prefer regular 1 hour support, others prefer to dedicate a day or half day. We also provide support face-to-face and by remote means, but please note that we are based in London and the SE England.

L&M’s Other Athlete Support Services

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