Empowering Leaders to Empower Others to Thrive.

A leadership approach that promotes psychological wellbeing and creates the ‘perfect circle’ by inspiring and enabling sustainable, optimal performance across their team is often intuitive and rewarding to provide. Often however, insufficient understanding and perceived, external pressures take leaders away from this optimal mind-set.

Adapted to your organisation and individual leader’s specific context and needs, our support develops and embeds the personal understanding, awareness and skills that empowers leaders to overcome these barriers and to enable everyone to thrive.

Leadership Mentoring
Whether you would benefit from support for a specific situation or to develop the mind-set, capability and strategy to inspire and empower a team, all of our highly experienced leadership consultants have proven capacity to mentor individuals to positive and impactful change.

Our approach has evolved through decades of our considering; various methods of psychological support, behaviour change research, and the outcomes of our support experiences. Using our own psychological wellbeing principles, we provide a non-threatening, empowering format in which individuals are given the respect and encouragement to discover and develop their personal and team’s potential.

Leadership Training
For optimal results:

  • Our 3 Phase ‘Understand, Apply and Adapt’ Training fully immerses leaders in the training process and ensures confidence in creating the ‘perfect circle’ within their context-specific, everyday leadership practice.
  • All training is delivered by at least two of our expert team. To include a post-doctoral performance and wellbeing psychologist and a highly experienced leader who has used psychological wellbeing principles to lead, support and work optimally within highly complex, challenging and unpredictable environments.

Phase 1: Understand

  • What psychological wellbeing is. What it is not.
  • The importance of the psychological wellbeing and how it promotes optimal leader and team performance.
  • Whether each leader has personally moved away from psychological wellbeing and the blockers and motives for retuning to that state.
  • How a leader’s personal actions can have either a positive or negative effect on their team’s performance.

Phase 2: Apply

  • The main organisation and team factors that can promote or prevent psychological wellbeing and therefore health and performance.
  • Sanitised, real-context (or typical scenarios) to understand why and how psychological wellbeing is being affected, the blockers, and how to improve the environment to promote sustainable optimal performance.
  • Small or individual breakout sessions to identify and discuss current real-life issues, blockers and solutions.

Phase 3: Adapt
A period of one to one mentoring to support each leader through the real life assessment, development and implementation of your strategy.

Where are L&M based?
We are based across the South of England and London, but can work in person or remotely across the UK and beyond.

Can we help? Do you have any questions?
Get in touch so that we can listen and discuss how we can best adapt our leadership support to your needs.