Empowering Leaders to Empower Others to Thrive.

L&M believe that if an organisation is to gain and maintain both the strategic and tactical advantage, then the development of the next generation of inspiring and resilient leaders who can meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s world is an imperative.

An individual’s own unique style of effective leadership is born through an enhanced self-awareness of personal experiences and skills, and of an awareness of the complex requirements of relevant external pressures and of their team/organisation as a whole and during specific tasks. Further, through clear, two-way communication with their team, leaders should provide clarity as to their mission and encourage the self-awareness, creativity, confidence and support that empowers the constructive feedback, strong ideas and focused motivation required for success.

Specifically, L&M’s experience highlights that the leader needs to understand and ensure that the outcome of their mission is aligned with, and enhances, that of higher management and/or appropriate external partners and stakeholders. Such clarity enables the individual leader to attain confidence and meaning within their role, which in turn promotes independent thinking and the full engagement of their leadership skills. Thereafter, the clear communication of the mission, and the leader’s awareness and enhancement of others is the key to developing a team’s full potential, as well as ensuring the nurturing of the next generation of leaders within the company. Such nurturing, not micro-management, ensures that team members have ownership of the mission and feel a fully-integrated and valued part of the team/organisation. This promotes an environment where team members are able to be at their most competent, confident, creative and motivated whatever the pressures. This in turn, encourages the full engagement of their skills and the provision of the constructive and timely feedback required to support their leaders.

Accordingly, L&M’s support services facilitate the individual through the development their own unique and effective style of leadership, whilst mitigating themselves and the team against the high pressures of the workplace. Our aim is to help leaders realise their own, their team and their organisation’s potential.

We offer support in a range of areas including:

  • Creative thinking / strategic planning.
  • Empowering your team.
  • Understanding and mitigating negative reactions to change.
  • Promoting resilience and reducing burnout under pressure.
  • Leading through effective two-way communication and listening.
  • Building team cohesion.
  • Interview and meeting preparation, including presentation skills.

L&M are based in London and the South East, but work across the UK and beyond.

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