Integrating a Mission and Culture that Empowers Organisational Success.

The need for every organisation to develop and improve is constant in today’s high-pressure, professional world. To meet this challenge, an organisation needs to; prioritise mission clarity, attain and maintain effective relationships across and within operational levels, mitigate against negative influences, and to ensure the psychological wellbeing of its members required to harness their creativity and productive energy.

The power of a great vision is only unleashed when those involved in an organisation have a common understanding of its mission and direction, the outcome of which provides a desirable future that motivates the required actions regardless of the short-term difficulties encountered. A strong awareness of capabilities and challenges, and the ability to communicate effectively across the organisation are imperative for successful organisational development. Specifically, the real and perceived benefits for, and concerns and obstacles of, employees and stakeholders should constantly be pre-empted, understood and managed until the transformation is firmly entrenched within the organisation’s culture. To enable this, communication must be frequent, clear and consistent across and within levels, to ensure that each and every member understands the mission, vision and direction, and is clear on their role in its achievement. The ability of leadership and management to receive and consider feedback from all levels should also be an instrumental part of practice. Such feedback promotes the ownership, confidence and creativity required to provide the most cost-effective and aligned solutions. In conclusion, such awareness and effective communication minimises pressure and promotes the positive and cohesive environment vital for success in an organisation’s developmental mission.

L&M’s support is specifically tailored to facilitate an organisation’s progression through these key stages of organisational development. Seeking to complement the organisation’s expertise, L&M can work with the leaders and teams throughout an organisation’s structure to explore the issues and to optimise the creativity and effectiveness of their own solutions.

We offer individual support and workshops in many areas including:

  • Developing a vision, identity, ethos and values to inspire optimal performance.
  • Ensuring effective two-way communication and feedback.
  • Strategic thinking and planning.
  • Managing change.
  • Building high performance teams.
  • Ensuring positive employee wellbeing and engagement.
  • Promoting resilience and reducing burnout under pressure.

L&M are based in London and the South East, but work across the UK and beyond.

Please contact us to discuss your organisation’s needs and how we might support you.