Cultural Psychological Wellbeing: The Cost Effective Approach to Sustainable Optimal Performance

Sustainable, optimal performance can only be achieved when an organisation embeds psychological wellbeing principles into its culture, i.e., across its systems, processes and everyday practice. Such a ‘perfect circle’ culture achieves the intricate balance of organisation and individual needs that:

  • Inspires and empowers optimal performance that is sustainable beyond changes in management, employees and short-term circumstance.
  • Fuels the professional attitudes and actions required for individual and collective sustainable, optimal performance.
  • Forms the basis of ‘good work’, enabling equality and diversity to the further benefit of brand reputation and society.

Why should my organisation care about Organisational Wellbeing?
Research tells us that within the UK:

  • Less than 20% of the population have good psychological health.
  • 1 in 6 experience a common mental health concern (e.g., depression, anxiety) in any given week.
  • Annual increases in employee reports of working when ill (presenteeism) and under conditions of ‘extreme stress’ are found across sectors and professions.

By developing a culture of organisational wellbeing you: mitigate against the causes of work-related ill-health, provide a buffer against non-work stressors and their health implications, and provide the ingredients to help your people thrive.

Real world research and experience also tells us that creating a culture of organisational wellbeing costs far less, but pays back far more than individually-based health and wellbeing initiatives.

L&M use:

  • The latest, most comprehensive consideration of psychological wellbeing, a conceptualisation endorsed by academic consensus and by the Legatum Institute (2014) as essential for both public and private sector policy development.
  • The extensive research of how to promote wellbeing in the workplace, including the ‘Drivers of Wellbeing’ identified by the New Economics Foundation (2014).
  • Our real-world experience of what it requires to develop and lead ‘perfect circle’, sustainable, optimal performance and psychological wellbeing cultures in demanding, ever-changing worlds.

L&M Support

L&M’s comprehensive support enables organisations to embed psychological wellbeing within their culture, i.e., at organisation, team and individual level. Our support is flexible to and grounded in your specific needs, but might include:

A comprehensive mixed-method assessment of across organisation factors that currently impinge or promote psychological wellbeing, and thus affect individuals’ ability to cope and perform optimally. This detailed assessment encompasses, but goes beyond, stress risk-assessment guidelines (HSE, 2007), by using a more performance-enhancing view of psychological wellbeing and in considering a broader range of organisational factors. A comprehensive report provides a detailed understanding of your specific organisational needs and recommendations that adhere to national standards of good wellbeing practice, e.g., the HSE, Acas, CIPD. This enables your organisation to give effective strategic consideration as to how best to develop psychological wellbeing within budget.

Facilitating senior management in the development, communication and implementation of an embedded, strategic commitment to employee wellbeing throughout a part, or all, of the organisation. Please see ‘Organisational Development’ for more detail.

Research often forwards poor line-management as the main reason people leave their jobs. Good leaders are those who; inspire competence, develop and attain trust, and support their teams to achieve optimal performance, i.e. those who prioritise their staffs’ psychological wellbeing. L&M’s wellbeing leadership approach not only best promotes leader and team optimal performance, but is more rewarding and often more intuitive for the leader. It is thus recommended as the basis of any leadership development for both new and experienced leaders. Please see ‘Leadership and Management’ for more details.

Health and Wellbeing
A comprehensive service that addresses your employees’ general health and wellbeing needs. This could be through education or mentoring to promote the development of a culture that proactively and effectively supports health and wellbeing behaviours. Please follow these links for examples of L&M’s presentations, workshops, Away Days and Conference presentations for Personal Health and Psychological Wellbeing and Leading Sustainable, Optimal Performance and Psychological Wellbeing.

Mental Health Concerns
A comprehensive service that addresses your organisation’s needs in relation to mental ill-health, be it the provision of mental health education or mentoring to promote the development of a culture that proactively and effectively supports those with mental health concerns. L&M have particular expertise in the assessment, prevention and mitigation of work-related trauma. Please see Vicarious Trauma/PTSD Support for more details and for examples of presentations, workshops, Away Days and Conference presentations for Mental Health and Trauma-Informed Practice.

L&M’s post-doctoral researchers are ideally placed to design and conduct research that addresses your organisation’s specific wellbeing-related questions. For example;

  • How can our organisation best enable our employees’ to live healthily?
  • How do we assess whether our new wellbeing initiative is working?
  • What is the effect of our flexible-working policy on employee well-being?
  • Is our culture supportive to those with mental health concerns?

L&M are based in London and the South East, but work both face-to-face and remotely across the UK and beyond.

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