Cultural Psychological Wellbeing: The Cost Effective Approach to Sustainable Optimal Performance

Sustainable, optimal performance is best achieved when an organisation embeds psychological wellbeing principles into its culture, i.e., across its systems, processes and everyday practice. Research and practice show this ‘perfect circle’ culture to achieve the intricate balance of organisation and individual needs that:

  • Inspires and empowers optimal performance that is sustainable beyond changes in management, employees and short-term circumstance.
  • Fuels the professional attitudes and actions that enable all to thrive collectively, and attracts and keeps the highest-quality staff.
  • Increases efficiency by increasing staff engagement and innovation, and reducing sickness-absence, presenteeism and social loafing.
  • Forms the basis of ‘good work’, enabling equality and diversity to the further benefit of brand reputation and society.

Why is Psychological Wellbeing so Important to My Organisation?
Research tells us that within the UK:

  • Less than 20% of the population have good psychological health.
  • 1 in 6 experience a common mental health concern (e.g., depression, anxiety) in any given week.
  • Annual increases in employee reports of working when ill (presenteeism) and under conditions of ‘extreme stress’ are found across sectors and professions.

By developing an organisational culture of psychological wellbeing you: mitigate against the causes of work-related ill-health, provide a buffer against non-work stressors and their health implications, and provide the ingredients to help your people thrive and perform optimally.

Real world research and experience also tells us that creating a culture of organisational wellbeing costs far less, but pays back far more than individually-based health and wellbeing initiatives.

L&M use:

  • The latest, most comprehensive consideration of psychological wellbeing, a conceptualisation endorsed by academic consensus and by the Legatum Institute (2014) as essential for both public and private sector policy development.
  • The extensive research of how to promote wellbeing in the workplace, including the ‘Drivers of Wellbeing’ identified by the New Economics Foundation (2014).
  • Our real-world experience of what it requires to develop and lead ‘perfect circle’, sustainable, optimal performance and psychological wellbeing cultures in demanding, ever-changing worlds.

How L&M Can Support Your Organisation

Our comprehensive, specialist support is flexible to your specific organisation, team and individual level needs (see Step 2 below). For optimal results however, we encourage embedding psychological wellbeing into your culture with our 3 Step Process that:

  • Finds out exactly what is effecting your organisation’s performance and psychological wellbeing right now.
  • Tells you how you can improve it by providing practical and attainable, culturally-tailored solutions.
  • Gives you the control to make effective, in-house decisions and change.
  • Supports you if you need further specialist expertise.
  • Enables you to achieve sustainable, optimal performance and psychological wellbeing across your organisation.

Step One: Understanding Your Situation

Step Two: Specialist Support

Step 3: Monitoring and Implementing Feedback
Cultural development takes time, whilst an organisation’s demands can change. A regular, effective monitoring system to gain honest feedback of progress is therefore invaluable. Typically, over time, the required tweaks become less and smaller, whilst an organisation’s confidence in, and enjoyment, of a sustainable, optimal performance and psychological wellbeing culture grows.

Where are L&M based?
L&M are based in London and the South East, but can work face-to-face and remotely work across the UK and beyond.

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