Supporting Your Organisation with Respect, Integrity and Expertise

It is important to us that we help our clients achieve real lasting, positive change in an effective and cost-effective manner.

Our Service

We only use highly skilled, experienced consultants and we build strong, co-operative relationships with our clients. We work with respect and integrity. Crucially, we adhere to the following principles:

We Promote Client Control. Lasting change requires detailed day to day understanding, leadership and management that can only be provided from within an organisation. We aim to strengthen your organisation’s capability and avoid dependency on ourselves and other external partners.

We Promote Client Ownership: The first rule of behaviour change is that you have to own it. Our three step process (below) is specifically designed to help you make the decisions and own any change process.

We Promote Effective, Sustainable Change:

  • Every organisation or team has its unique situation, needs and solution opportunities. We resist off the shelf-solutions and seek to gain full understanding of what would help the most and how to achieve it.
  • Quick fixes rarely fix anything in the short-term, let alone the long-term. We help organisations and teams engrain solutions into the fabric of their culture. This means that everyday systems and practices reinforce how you want things to be, both now and in the future.
  • Change requires all to engage positively. All of our services consider how best to promote positive, behavioural change and outcomes. We also work at all organisational levels to ensure that everyone is able and motivated to engage.

We Provide Value for Money:

  • Cultural change is proven to be more cost-effective than ‘stand-alone’ support services. We offer an end-to-end solution, but work with our clients to find the best option for their budget/circumstance.
  • We only recommend support services that; genuinely meet your organisation’s needs and interests, are evidence-based, and in-line with industry good practice.


Our Approach

For optimal results, we encourage our three step support process. This:

  • Tells you WHAT effects performance and psychological wellbeing right now
  • Tells you HOW to improve it.
  • Gives you the control to make effective, in-house decisions and change.
  • Supports you if you need further specialist expertise.
  • Ensures sustainable, optimal performance and psychological wellbeing.

Step 1: Assessment – Understanding Your Situation
The most effective change support is based on an understanding of: the organisation and individual staff’s values and motives, current concerns and ineffective practice, current strengths and good practice, barriers to change, and opportunities for improvement.

To gain this understanding, our post-doctoral, psychologists can:

  • Adapt our comprehensive assessments to your situation, organisation size, and budget.
  • Design an assessment to research your specific question and circumstance.

All assessments are conducted by our personable consultants who are skilled in developing rapport with individuals across organisational levels. This, and our adherence to confidentiality principles, enables us to gain levels of understanding difficult for organisations to otherwise achieve.

Our assessment reports provide a detailed understanding of your organisation’s current situation and tailored ‘good practice’ recommendations. This empowers leaders by enabling them to take ownership and to have the confidence and ability to make informed decisions and to plan and implement any change process.

Step 2: Specialist Support
Should further expertise be required, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality services that can be adapted as required. This might include:

  • Board Level Support. Facilitating with the full consideration, development and implementation of a vision, culture, strategy and practice across an organisation.
  • Leadership Training. Adapted to leadership level to promote effective change throughout an organisation.
  • Performance or Wellbeing Mentoring. To promote sustainable, optimal performance and wellbeing in self and others.
  • Training and Education: Interactive Presentations, Workshops and Away Days across our range of expertise .

Step 3: Monitoring and Feedback
Cultural development takes time, whilst an organisation’s demands can change. It is therefore invaluable to have a regular, effective monitoring system to gain honest feedback of progress. Over time, the tweaks required typically become smaller, whilst an organisation’s confidence in, and enjoyment, of a sustainable, optimal performance/wellbeing culture grows.

L&M are based in London and the South East, but work across the UK and beyond. Please contact us to see how we can best support you and your organisation.