Creating Sustainable Cultures of Optimal Performance and Wellbeing,

L&M’s unique combination of sport psychology, leadership and cultural change expertise enables us to facilitate optimal performance within your team, leadership and management, or across your entire sporting organisation’s structure.

A professional organisational culture where the attitudes and behaviours that encourage optimal performance are the norm, and where the awareness and creativity that promote the adaptation required to gain the competitive advantage and continued success are encouraged. This is underpinned by L&M’s expertise in organisational and individual change management, communication, and positive psychological wellbeing. See more on L&M’s approach to organisational development.

Effective leaders who possess the awareness to understand the complex requirements of relevant internal and external pressures, and the skills to enable the development of; a clear mission and strategy, effective two-way communication, and the confident and inspired team/organisation members required to promote an optimal performance culture. L&M recognise that effective leadership requires congruency throughout an individua’s values, words and actions, as such, each leader is facilitated in the development of his/her own unique leadership style. See more on L&M’s approach to leader development.

Cohesive and effective teams, be they of athletes or/and support staff, where team and individual needs are considered and appropriately balanced, and where the acceptance of individual responsibility and commitment to team goals and role performance are paramount.

L&M’s Individual Athlete Support Services

Where Do L&M Work?
L&M are based in the South East of England and London, but can also work face-to-face and remotely across the UK and beyond.

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