STEP 1: Assessment – Understanding Your Organisation’s Situation

Effective change and support requires detailed understanding of the organisation and individual staff’s: values and motives, current strengths and good practice, current concerns and ineffective practice, barriers to change, and opportunities for improvement. To gain this, our post-doctoral psychologists can:

Our Overall Aim is to give organisation leaders the understanding needed: to take ownership, to have the confidence and ability to make informed decisions, and to plan how best to optimise psychological wellbeing and performance within budget.

1. Psychological Wellbeing and Performance Assessment
Our comprehensive, mixed-method assessment provides detailed understanding of how organisational factors, day-to-day practice and the physical/social environment effect staff psychological wellbeing and, in turn, their health and performance. Our performance-enhancing view of psychological wellbeing and wider organisation consideration provides understanding beyond the HSE (2007) stress risk-assessment.



2. Researching your Wellbeing and Performance-Related Question
Our post-doctoral researchers are ideally placed to design and conduct research that addresses your organisation’s specific wellbeing and performance-related questions. For example;

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