Expert Presentations for Professional People.

These presentations are delivered by our highly experienced consultants, all of whom have vast practical experience of leading, supporting and gaining success within high-pressure, high-stake environments.

Strong, honest, two-way communication is essential for organizational success and for individuals to experience psychological wellbeing at work. This presentation will encourage attendees to consider:

  • The importance and influence of communication.
  • The skills that are involved in effective communication.
  • The problems that can be experienced when communication fails.
  • How to promote positive communication with colleagues and within the work culture.
Within this presentation, our L&M Associate draws upon his immense experience of leading within crisis situations around the world, whilst working alongside Government, commercial, and third sector organisations. Specifically, he discusses the importance of; adaptability, innovation, team motivation, emotional management and a sense of humour, for attaining success, and how he created environments that nurtured these key qualities. This session can be adapted to fit the audiences’ potential subjects of interest, e.g., managing personal and the teams’ stress.

Within this presentation, our L&M Associate divulges personal insight gained across a long-standing career that spans from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel within Her Majesty’s Royal Marines through to a Regional Manager working across cultures within the commercial world. He discusses:

  • How he as a leader at different levels, has trained, mentored and developed his staff.
  • The importance and benefits of staff mentoring and development.

This presentation aims to enable both those who provide and receive mentoring to both engage and benefit from the mentoring process more effectively.

Within this presentation, our L&M Associate aims to demonstrate some of the management and leadership conundrums that he has encountered in very varying circumstances: Solutions to those conundrums can often be tricky to identify. He offers some personal thoughts on how he addressed those challenges, succeeding sometimes, … but not always. Examples of the conundrums in question span different countries, and civilian and military scenarios. They include:

  • The planned, police-requested military re-taking of an oil platform from activists in the North Sea.
  • How to deal with the challenge of a ‘bullying boss’.
  • Working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a diplomat abroad.
  • Relations with the Department for International Development when deployed overseas.
  • How to overcome cultural challenges abroad.
  • Some of the issues experienced when delivering ‘team-bonding’ events for professional organisations including sports teams such as England RFU, Somerset CCC and Wigan RLFC.

Within this presentation, our L&M Associate provides insight of his extensive leadership experience of preventing, mitigating against, and coping with crisis whilst working within the military and commercial sectors. He will outline the importance of effective communication within these situations, and how crisis management often suffers due to time pressure, information distortion, and restricted thinking. These ‘hands on’, engagement sessions will consider how to overcome these barriers when communicating with senior management, clients and colleagues across an organisation to enable the development of more effective solutions. The two presentations will consider:

  • The communication required when requesting information to brief and inform decision makers. For example, what are the drivers to their questions? Are they asking the right questions?
  • The communication required from the team when responding to request for information and passing this to the decision makers and vice versa. For example, is the information being passed what they know or what the person being briefed/decision maker needs to know?