Expert Presentations for Professional People.

These workshops are delivered by post-doctoral, BPS Chartered Psychologists.

A series of educational, but user-friendly and collaborative workshops where individuals:

  • Gain increased understanding of how the body and brain respond to injury and process pain.
  • Have the opportunity to discuss and consider pain-reduction technique application.
  • Gain/give social support.

For maximum results, workshops can be supplemented with 1-2-1 Pain Management Mentoring to enable more personalised discussion and change support.

Also, due to the importance of social support for improved coping, L&M can facilitate supportive forums for employees with pain. Here, we use our expertise to educate as required, but also to nurture the sharing of personal experiences, guidance and encouragement.

Managing employees with pain can be difficult, especially when their pain is chronic and affects their work capacity.

This workshop will:

  • Demystify the experience and myths of being in pain.
  • Help managers consider how to best provide day-to-day support to colleagues with pain.
  • Highlight some of the cultural processes and managerial behaviours that can lead to work-related pain and the manager’s role in preventing pain.