Facilitating Your Aspirations.

Due to our varied backgrounds and experiences, L&M are able to offer specialist support services in each of the following sectors.

Business: L&M’s range of specialist skills enables it to apply its effective methodology to Senior Executive level and throughout an organisation. L&M will facilitate, encourage and explore current issues within an organisation, providing support, coaching and full involvement in order to help find and implement personal and organisation-relevant solutions. Our experiences and strategies are particularly relevant to those working in high-pressure, results-driven environments, and to those who seek better psychological wellbeing for its employees.

Sport: L&M has expertise that meets the requirements embedded in all levels of today’s professional or aspiring sporting organisation. At an organisational level, this could be supporting through, and mitigating the disruptive forces of structural or ethos change (e.g., the implementation of a professional mentality), through to the comprehensive preparation and planning of tour logistics. At a team level, we specialise in the promotion of team cohesion, for which we see the embedding of member responsibility and ownership for standards, principles and goals as key. At an individual level, we facilitate leadership in key roles such as Directors, Team Principles, Coaches, Captains and Officials. We also support individual athletes in the attainment of peak performance, or through injury, career progression, retirement or the attainment of sport/life balance.

Individuals: We believe that self-awareness, creativity and clarity of purpose are the key elements of an individual’s personal development and fulfilment. L&M’s holistic support will facilitate the exploration, clarification and achievement of your aspirations, in a manner that is most congruent with your personal values.