Cultural Psychological Wellbeing: The Cost Effective Approach to Sustainable Optimal Performance

What is Positive Psychological Wellbeing?
At its most simple, positive psychological wellbeing is held in an individual’s perception of competence, autonomy, relatedness, value and security.

Why should organisations care about Positive Psychological Wellbeing?
The research is unequivocal. Within the UK:

  • Less than 20% of the population have good psychological wellbeing.
  • 1 in 6 experience a common mental health problem in any given week.
  • The cost of employee ill-health is both substantial and escalating.
  • Positive employee wellbeing leads to optimal gains, including: enhanced productivity, performance and income growth; increased staff innovation, retention and quality staff recruitment; improved health and safety; and higher customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Yet surveys from across sectors and professions show annual increases in employee reports of working when ill (presenteeism) and under conditions of ‘extreme stress’.

With the above statistics, the prioritisation and promotion of positive wellbeing should be a priority for any individual, team or organisation.

The realisation is growing:
Creating an organisational culture of positive psychological wellbeing costs far less, but pays back far more.

L&M use:

  • The latest, most comprehensive consideration of wellbeing, a conceptualisation endorsed by academic consensus and by the Legatum Institute (2014) as essential for both public and private sector policy development.
  • The extensive research of how to promote wellbeing in the workplace, including the ‘Drivers of Wellbeing’ identified by the New Economics Foundation (2014).
  • Our real-world experience of what it requires to produce high performance in demanding, ever- changing worlds, including our expertise in organisational/behavioural change and leadership.

L&M Support

Overall, L&M’s comprehensive support enables organisations to embed psychological wellbeing within their culture; an approach supported by research as most the effective and cost-effective. Available at organisation, team and individual level, our support is flexible to and grounded in your specific needs, but might include:

Psychological Wellbeing Assessment
A comprehensive qualitative assessment of across organisation factors that currently impinge or promote psychological wellbeing, and thus affect individuals’ ability to cope and perform optimally. This detailed report encompasses, but goes beyond, stress risk-assessment guidelines (HSE, 2007), by using a more performance-enhancing view of psychological wellbeing and in considering a broader range of organisational factors. A comprehensive report provides a detailed understanding of need and recommendations that adhere to national standards of good wellbeing practice, e.g., the HSE, Acas, CIPD. This enables an organisation to give effective strategic consideration as to how best to develop psychological wellbeing within budget.

Research of a specific wellbeing-related question as appropriate to your organisation’s needs.

Facilitating senior management in the development, communication and implementation of an embedded, strategic commitment to employee wellbeing throughout a part, or all, of the organisation. Please see ‘Organisational Development’ for more detail.

Research often forwards poor line-management as the main reason people leave their jobs. Good leaders are those who; inspire competence, develop and attain trust and support their teams to achieve optimal performance, i.e. those who prioritise their staff’s psychological wellbeing. L&M’s wellbeing leadership approach not only best promotes leader and team optimal performance, but is more intuitive and rewarding for the leader. It is thus recommended as the basis of any leadership development for both new and experienced leaders. Please see ‘Leadership and Management’ for more details.

Mental Health Concerns
A comprehensive service that addresses your organisation’s needs in relation to mental ill-health, be it the provision of mental health education or the development of a culture that proactively and effectively supports those with mental health concerns. L&M have particular expertise in the assessment, prevention and mitigation of role-related trauma. Please see Vicarious Trauma/PTSD Support for more details.

General Health
A comprehensive service that addresses your organisation’s needs in relation to general health, i.e., stress, exercise, healthy eating, sleep, etc. This could through education or the development of a culture that proactively and effectively supports healthy behaviours.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we might support you.