High Quality Support Tailored To Your Needs

L&M respect that each organisation, team or individual is unique, with their own perception of the situation, needs and potential for solution. To meet these, a variety of high-quality support mechanisms can be implemented to provide a truly individually-tailored programme. This, combined with L&M’s expertise in how best to promote behavioural change, maximises the attainment of optimal results.

The following are completed by our highly experienced consultants in areas across our range of expertise.

Mentoring: L&M offer both face-to-face and remote mentoring services to assist individuals in reaching their ultimate goal, be it to personally attain or to lead others to sustainable, optimal performance, or to achieve positive life progression.

Interactive Presentations: Interactive presentations provide a stimulating introduction to a specialist topic. Their interactive nature promotes engagement, whilst ensuring that individual attendees have the opportunity to forward their perspective and to find personally-relevant solutions.

Workshops: Workshops of varying duration consist of both interactive presentations and group exercises, and can be complemented by follow-up mentoring support to assist enduring change.

Organisation Strategy Facilitation: This support facilitates senior management with the full consideration, development and implementation of a vision, culture and strategy across an organisation or team. Such an holistic approach best enables the attainment of optimal performance results and employee/team member engagement.

Auditing and Research: Post-doctoral level qualitative and quantitative psychological research provides clarity across performance and wellbeing-related issues. This detailed approach provides situation-specific recommendations and promotes appropriate change and progress.