What about Physical Health? L&M’s Empowering Cultural Approach.

Our Understanding of Physical Health Behaviour Change
With a background and strong connections in academic and applied sport, exercise and health science, L&M understand the mechanisms that underpin the psycho-physiological relationship and determine health and wellbeing. We do not see psychological (and social) health as superseding physical health. However, we understand the overwhelming influence that personal and organisational psycho-social factors play in individuals’ uptake and maintenance of physical health-promoting behaviours.

Our Cultural Approach to Physical Health Behaviour Change
L&M’s cultural approach helps organisations to develop a culture and environment that best enables individuals to maintain and improve their personal resources. Our detailed understanding of behaviour change enables our support to go far beyond health policy development and the provision of health facilities and ‘perks’; indeed, these often fail to produce widespread change and can lead to feelings of resentment and unequal access.

Instead, our expert support promotes understanding of how an organisation’s culture, systems and practices affect individuals’ ability to maintain appropriate personal resources, e.g., those factors that affect appropriate work/life balance, the ability to sleep and switch off, or to take appropriate respite, fluids and nutrients. Further and importantly, we ascertain those factors that inadvertently encourage or accept negative health and addictive behaviours. This, combined with our expertise in health and health behavioural change, enables the development of culturally-sensitive, impactful and relevant change strategies that enable and empower individuals to achieve better personal health and wellbeing.
Where are L&M Based?
L&M are based in London and SE England, but can provide support face-to-face and remotely across the UK and beyond.