When Should I Seek Mental Health Support?

Be assured, it is normal to experience some negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, particularly if you are injured, in pain or going through a life change: Our 1-2-1 Support Services can help you with these.

If at any time you experience mental health concerns (see examples below), you should first go to your GP or a registered mental health profession for support (see ‘How to Find Mental Health Support’ further below). This is because mental health concerns such as these are known to reduce the effectiveness of our support methods.

However, we can help you with Our 1-2-1 Support Services when you have seen your GP or a mental health professional and s/he confirms:

Mental Health Concern Examples. When you…

Please note that if during our 1-2-1 Support we have concerns for your mental health, we will refer or signpost you to mental health support. If appropriate, we then continue with our coaching once your GP/mental health practitioner has confirmed that there is no need for therapy or your support has finished.

How To Find Mental Health Support

We are not a mental health or emergency mental health service

How to Find Support for a Mental Health Concern/What Will Happen

How to Get Urgent Help for Your Mental Health
If your mental or emotional state quickly gets worse or you’re in crisis or despair, it’s important to get help quickly for immediate advice and assessment. This link gives information of NHS and some NHS-approved services that are available to help you. Please have a look and keep a record of any helpful numbers.

CALL 999 or GO TO A&E if you feel that yours or someone’s life is at risk or you cannot keep yourself or someone else safe.