Sustainable, Optimal Performance and Positive Psychological Wellbeing for Business, Sport and Life.

L&M Consulting Limited is a small, high calibre consultancy who work with organisations, teams and individuals to promote the positive psychological wellbeing shown by research and practice to achieve:

  • Sustainable, optimal performance.
  • A culture that enables all to thrive.
  • Economic Benefits: Reduced sickness-absence, presenteeism and social loafing.
  • Measurable Gains: Enhanced; productivity and performance, quality staff retention and recruitment, staff engagement and innovation, customer satisfaction, and health and safety.

Who Do L&M Support?
Any organisation, team or individual who want to attain the benefits of sustainable, optimal performance and positive psychological wellbeing for all.

How Do L&M Support You?
L&M works with clients to understand how their current culture, systems and practices both prevent and promote sustainable, optimal performance and positive psychological wellbeing. Thereafter our unique, high level expertise enables us to offer a comprehensive, complementary range of services and the flexibility to provide effective/cost-effective solutions that meet your needs. L&M services include:

Organisational and Team Support:

Individual Support:

Why Work With L&M?

  • Our cost-effective cultural approach that; goes beyond mental ill-health prevention, enables individuals to flourish, and attains real, sustainable, optimal performance.
  • Our unique blend of high-level expertise in; wellbeing and performance psychology, leadership and culture development, clinical psychology, health promotion, and behaviour change, that enables a comprehensive and complementary range of support services.
  • Our vast practical experience of leading, supporting and gaining success within high-pressure, high-stakes environments.
  • Our use of the latest, evidence-based, best practice.
  • Our mission, approach, ethos and ethics that drives our commitment to developing a trusting, co-operative relationship with our clients.

Where Are L&M Based?
L&M are based in London and the South East of England, but can also work remotely across the UK and beyond.

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