Sustainable, Optimal Performance and Positive Psychological Wellbeing for Business, Sport and Life.

We support organisations, teams and individuals to achieve the ‘perfect circle’ of psychological wellbeing and sustainable, optimal performance.

The Perfect Circle

We have psychological wellbeing when we feel competent, autonomous, valued, listened to, supported, part of a community, and that we are contributing to something worthwhile. Find out more…

Research supports that this guards against stress and common mental health concerns, and provides the key ingredients that enable us to thrive and to attain real, sustainable optimal performance, i.e., for you as an organisation, team or individual to be the best you can be, day in day out, at any given time, irrespective of the external situation. Find out more…

How Do We Support You?

Our support depends on your needs. We always start by listening and then apply our unique, high level expertise to your specific situation. We offer a comprehensive, complementary range of services, but discuss how best they can be adapted to ensure our support is effective and cost-effective.

We Can Help You With …

Our Expertise and Professional Service

We are a small, high-calibre consultancy who care about making a real, lasting, positive difference for all our clients.

We pride ourselves on:

We are based in London and the South East of England, but can also work face-to-face and remotely across the UK and beyond.

How Can We Help You? Do You Have Any Questions?

Get in touch so that we can listen to your needs and discuss how we can best support you.

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