Performance Psychology and Positive Psychological Wellbeing for Business, Sport and Life.

Specialising in facilitating Organisational, Leadership, Team and Personal Development, L&M Consulting Ltd. is a small, high calibre consultancy that works to maximise potential, improve performance and achieve goals. Driven by the latest psychological research that unequivocally supports the importance of positive psychological wellbeing for sustainable, optimal performance, L&M’s cost-effective support specifically encourages practices that mutually prioritise performance and wellbeing, thus ensuring optimal results and client satisfaction.

Whether you are a multi-national organisation, a small to medium size enterprise, a professional sports team, or an aspiring individual; whether your aim is strategic and personnel optimisation, sustainable high-level performance under pressure, or the pursuit of personal excellence; L&M faciliates the awareness and creativity required to form a clear vision, and the skilful use of intra and inter-communication and resources to create a strong and effective alignment between the vision and efforts to overcome the obstacles faced.

Driven by the unique and diverse experiences and skills of its Directors and Associate Consultants, L&M applies a dynamic combination of real-world, first-hand experience of operating in highly-pressurised and high-stakes environments, and experience of delivering academic theory and consultancy within performance psychology to high achievers. Taking care to understand and prioritise the client’s own perceptions, needs and expertise, L&M utilises their unique expertise to provide individually-tailored programmes that might include; organisational-level strategic support, face-to-face or remote mentoring, and workshops. Such tailoring facilitates the attainment of optimal results.

Trust and humility sit at the very heart of our values and beliefs. Integrity, discretion and confidentiality are assured.


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