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SG, Head of People & Culture, Europe and Asia, a global pension company.

“Caroline presented ‘What Everyone Needs to Know About Injury & Pain’ to our HR offices in London, Toronto and Hong Kong. It was fascinating: A real eye-opener to hear the science of injury and pain and useful to know what we should encourage our staff to do. It led to a good discussion of simple ways we can prevent and reduce pain in the office and at home.”

Flo Pietzsch, Principle Lecturer/Lead MSc Strength & Conditioning, University of Brighton (former S&C Coach for the LTA & England Institute of Sport)

“Caroline delivers a great interactive lecture and I would thoroughly recommend her to all. The topic of the psychology of pain and injury is not typically covered in conventional sports science related courses.”

Staff Workshop Series Feedback

Shows all attendees on our last course rated the following at least 4 out of 5
(0 = Not at All; 5 = Definitely Agree).

The course has helped me:

  • Understand what is happening inside me when I have pain.
  • Understand the causes of my pain.
  • Know what I need to do to manage and reduce my pain.
  • Feel more in control of reducing my pain.
  • Feel more hope for a pain-reduced future.

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